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Veryvisual is a web-based provider of graphic design. We do our best to make your bussness look great efficiency and insist on making function more efficiency, experience of user more better. That's our secrect of our success in bussiness. It's not only make yours look greater but also make your bussiness profit though our effort.

A creativity team which is composed of 5 in-house designer and a art director offer you various logo, websites, UI,graphics,and illustration. If you make your decision, you'll experience highest quality design from the source of great design directly.

Attention to user experience. We've created a unique bussiness model to eliminate the hassles and uncertainly of traditional graphic design.


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China's capital - Tian'an men To host the 2008 Olympics - Nest

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

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The Business of Software

Outsourcing is the so-called software workshop in some developed countries to some of their non-core outsourcing of software projects through the form to the relatively low cost of human resources of developed countries so as to minimize software development costs. As we all know, the cost of software development in 70% of the cost of human resources, therefore, reduce the cost of human resources to effectively reduce the cost of software development.

Software outsourcing has become a software company developed countries to reduce the cost of an important means. At present, the global software sales for the 6,000 billion U.S. dollars, of which sales of software outsourcing reaches 500 ~ 600 billion U.S. dollars. Expected 2010 sales of software outsourcing will reach 1,000 billion U.S. dollars. Substantial growth in software outsourcing human resources for the relatively low cost of India and China has brought new opportunities for development.

To seize this historic opportunity, our government is making every effort for the software outsourcing company to create a better investment environment, the Government has the key cities in the establishment of development zones, a number of new software development park, and for software enterprises to join in a very preferential policies given the conditions. However, only the policy conditions and environmental conditions is not enough, the greatest impact on software companies is the cost of human resources, the availability of more and more the number of low cost and quality to meet the needs of engineers in China's software outsourcing can to seize this historical opportunity for an important condition.



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